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The Team

CCRA Professional Services, LLC has the experienced staff and systems to assist you in making sure you are complying with your applicable State Laws and Regulations. Our turn key program processes  the water customer surveys and valves tests allowing real time decision making on the quality of your water system, without additional staff, equipment and software. 


The key is the strategic partnership between your Department and CCRA. Using the latest technology to help you determine problems in your water grid which allow you to manage and regulate your water system. This technology helps you meet your states cross connection control requirements.

CCRA programs can be adapted to each Municipality. CCRA has the resources to fit in any budget and fill any need to help your municipality, big or small, to set in motion the most effective program available today.  There are program options available when you go with the CCRA program.

CCRA prides itself on its free consultation services and "on site" assessments of water purveyor's Cross Connection Control programs. We guarantee that our programs will provide your water department the tools and knowledge and the most effective program in your state. Our program will lower your exposure to liability and costs, helping the community to have clean drinking water.

CCRA Has Over 100 years of Experience on Staff
President/Concept Designer 
VP of Software Engineering 
IT Service/Training
VP of Marketing and IT Operations
VP of Accounting and Finance 
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