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CCRA's Program at a Glance

WUI Surveying

How can you ensure that your water system is safe from new cross connections without actively surveying your water connections? 

Device Testing /Tracking

Are you using the most advanced technology to track your devices? Is your device testing program 100% online with only past device tests uploaded?

Site Inspections

Are you utilizing your strongest ally your local certified inspector to help ensure all commercial and high hazard properties are in compliance with your municipal code and state law?


Most Advanced Technology

Real-Time Program

CCRA's program is 100% Real-Time meaning that there are no delays waiting for information to be reviewed and processed. As the data is input from the user, whether, it is a completed survey or a device test submitted, the program analyzes the data automatically and flags the data if there are any threats to the water system from the data submitted. 

STEM Technology 

Using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics we are able to produce a program that is complete and can perform the tasks of hundreds of individuals all with zero error and zero time delays.

SMART Technology 

SMART is the acronym for Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology, this is built into the device testing submission program. When a device tester submits a device test the program automatically analyzes the results and if the device is not passing the testing inspector is immediately shown on the screen that the device requires repair. This means no more looking at device tests looking for failed device tests and no more follow up of the failed device tests.

What's the Real Difference, Why Switch?

CCRA Survey Technology 

CCRA has created the solution to surveying complete water grids with effectiveness and efficiency. This Doesn't require the physical inspection of every property which saves money and causes less disturbances with your water customers.  

  • Online survey with pictures for easy understanding and survey completion

  • Doesn't require physical inspection of every property which saves money and causes less disturbances with your water customers

  • No more huge piles of paper or email spread sheets surveys to look through and sort

  • Program automatically analyzes completed surveys and sorts surveys based on risk

  • Program creates the required remediation letters for water system corrections   

Hover over the different Ovals to learn more about CCRA's Survey Technology

Water Customer Receives Survey Notification 

Water Provider Corrective Action and Follow-Up

CCRA Survey 

Analysis Technology 

CCRA Program

Sorts Based on

Degree of Risk

Water customer receives letter approved and customized by the water authority to complete their water survey. They use the same water customer number provided by the water provider.

CCRA survey analysis technology automatically analyzes survey question response answers and assigns a risk factor to the survey in nanoseconds. 

Water customer enters their water customer number to complete their water survey. The survey is one question at a time with pictures to help the water customer understand what the question is asking. 

CCRA's Program sorts surveys based on risk factor and displays the highest risk surveys on first and in an easy format for corrective action and follow-up


CCRA's Program generates 

remediation letters ready to be printed and mailed out to correct threats to your water customers and water system.

Water Customer Completes Survey

Water Customer Receives Survey Notification 

CCRA Device Testing And Tracking 

CCRA's Device Testing program is completely automated resulting in error-free results along with no departmental time spent on device testing and tracking. CCRA will take the responsibility of tracking your device testing off your desk.

  • Only certified inspectors that are verified are able to submit device test results into the system

  • The program automatically generates device test notifications 

  • No chasing down devices that failed its annual test

  • The program only accepts device tests that meet the manufacturer's recommendations 

  • No more paper device test reports all device test reports are submitted online

Hover over the different Ovals to learn more about CCRA's Device Testing and Tracking Technology

Water Customer Receives Device     Testing Letter

Device Tester Tests Device 

Device Tester Uploads Device Test Results

Validated Device Test Uploaded into Program

Program Validates Device Test 

The program generates device letters that are 40 days out. CCRA sends out these device letters to the water customer to alert them to the required device test is due for their device(s).

Water customer hires device tester to test device(s) they test the device(s) according to device type and required test procedures.

Only device testers that have registered and been approved are able to submit device test results. The Verified device tester uploads device test results into the online form. 

The program analyzes submitted device test based on device type and values entered. If the test meets the manufacturer's recommendations test is uploaded into the system. If the test does not meet the requirements of the manufacturer test is not accepted and device tester is immediately notified on the screen that the device needs repair and would not function properly in a backflow event. Repairs are made and resummited.

Device test is uploaded into CCRA's program, all device tests are searchable making locating device test results easy and effortless. The only device tests that are uploaded are devices that pass and don't require any follow-up. No time spent chasing down device test results and no time spent verifying device tests and device tester credentials. No additional costs to the water customers on failed test results. 

CCRA Site Inspection Solutions

Site inspections are critical in the proper protection from cross connections being created and going by unnoticed. Using CCRA's developed software inspectors are finally able to inspect properties with efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Only certified inspectors that are verified are able to submit site inspection reports

  • An easily completed online form, that is 100% percent real-time 

  • No more dragging paper forms around, site inspections can be completed on a tablet or cell phone

  • Completed inspections are searchable for water administrators and inspectors

Advanced Reporting Features

CCRA's program has been built to easily and conveniently generate reports. These reports are generated from the program the program automatically pulls the required data for the report. This gives you the ability to generate reports at any time they are wanted or needed.

  • Easy click of a button to generate Water Supply Cross Connection Report

  • No more headache of sorting out the number of initial or re-inspections completed, device testing, and residential surveys completed for reports.

  • Ability to see the status of the overall program at any time of year

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