Welcome Illinois Device Testing Inspectors 

Below are the resources to help you to successfully test devices in CCRA's system, which leads to a safer water system overall. The resources include FAQ section, Inspector Controls section, Advantages to using CCRA's System and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions


ジョセフ・ピラティス、クララ・ピラティスから週に2回6年半に渡って直接指導を受け、90歳の今も現役で教え続ける最高齢のピラティス指導者 私は非常に優れたピラティス指導者、人物であるYoshinori Itoを強く支持します。 彼は指導者として無類の技術と感性を持っています。 彼のピラティスメソッドが広まり、発展する未来を開くビジョンはピラティス業界と世界にとって大きな助けとなりうる可能性を抱いています。 彼は国を超え、あらゆる種類の人々を繋ぐ特別な才能を持っています。 私、メアリー・ボーエンはジョセフ・ピラティス氏に直接指導を受け、61年間ピラティスと共に生きてきた最年長のピラティス指導者です。 ピラティスを広め、Yoshinoriの才能をさらに成長させるこの新しい会社の設立に期待と興奮を抱いております。 This is to highly endorse Yoshinori Ito, a very superior Pilates teacher and person. His skill and sensitivity as a teacher is unsurpassed. His vision of the growing and unfolding future of Pilates can be a big help to the profession and to the world. Yoshi is extraordinary in his reach between nations and his capacity to connect all kinds of people. I, Mary Bowen, as the most senior Elder of Pilates, 61 years of living it, wait in excited and positive expectation the creation of a new company presenting Pilates and fostering Yoshinori’s unique talents.

アリシア・ウンガロ(リアルピラティス オーナー)

マドンナなど多くの著名人を指導し、ピラティス 関連書籍でも有名なピラティス普及の功労者 私たちの世界には素晴らしいインストラクターと優れた教師がいますがYoshinori Itoはそれ以上だと言えます。 彼は教育者です。インスピレーションを持ち、才能溢れる指導者、ピラティス業界を協力させる事でより多くの人々が深く感化され、真に成長する機会を創り出す人物です。 私は幸運にも彼と一緒に仕事をすることが出来ました。 これを読んだすべての方もまた、彼がピラティスの世界にもたらす寛容さと精神を体験出来る幸運に恵まれることを願っています。 In our world there are wonderful instructors and superb teachers. Yoshinori Ito is more. He is an educator. He is someone who aggregates talent and community and inspiration all in the name of reaching more people and truly touching them to move and grow. I have been lucky enough to work with Yoshi. I hope that everyone who reads this is also lucky enough to experience the generosity and spirit he brings to the Pilates world. 〜Alycea Ungaro, Real Pilates

ピーター・ロエル(ピラティスショップ/ヨガガラージ オーナー)

2人のエルダーからピラティスを学び、創始者からジャイロトニックを学んだマーサ・グラハムの元プリンシパ ルダンサー これを読まれる皆様へ、私はYoshinori Itoを支持するために書いております。 Yoshinoriはピラティス業界におけるピラティスの指導の質を向上させる事を常に目指している、非常に意欲的で創造的な才能ある心を持った人物です。 彼自身がインスピレーションを与えるピラティス指導者であるだけでなく、自らの指導を体現していることが彼を教育者として並外れたものにしています。彼は自然に人々をまとめる精神の寛大さを持っており、「アーティストと起業家」の融合と言えます。 皆様がYoshinoriとコラボレーションして、心の底から実りを実感してください。 心を込めて ピーター・ロエル To whom it may concern, I write to you in support of Yoshinori Ito. I find Yoshinori to have an extremely driven and creatively gifted mind bundled with a persistent focus on improving the quality of teaching Pilates within the Pilates community. As an inspirational teacher himself, he embodies his teaching which makes him an educator extraordinaire. He brings people together with seemingly effortless ease and generosity of spirit. He is a fusion of 'artist and entrepreneur'. I hope you will have the opportunity to collaborate with Yoshinori and harvest the fruits of his mind. Sincerely, Peter Roel Pilates Shop/ Yoga Garage

Inspector Controls

The buttons below allow you to complete the required tasks to be able to submit device tests into CCRA's system.

The old idea of testing devices, sending multiple copies of device form and having a filing system in the office for device test forms are a thing of the past. CCRA's system is 100% online and has been designed to have the device test uploaded at the time of the test being completed on a smartphone or tablet.

What Advantages does Using CCRA's Plumbing Contractor Portal Have?

  • Device test submission is 100% online no more storing of paper device test forms or having to send the different copies to the different regulatory agencies

  • System keeps record of all device tests you entered into the system forever

  • Ability to search your device tests by serial number, address, customer name and more

  • Designed to be completely paperless with all results inputed through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones

  • Free marketing for you and your testing company, once approved plumbing contractor companies are added to the "Find an Inspector" page 

  • More work because only devices that are pass are allowed to be submitted into the system meaning that the devices that failed get repaired generating more work

Current Illinois Communities Implementing CCRA's Software

  1. Crest Hill 

  2. Lockport 

  3. Lake County Public Works

  4. Macomb

What are the Steps to Register with CCRA Professional Services?

  1. Complete required registration form 

  2. Ensure information on registration form is accurate 

  3. Upload Copy of proof of calibration of your test equipment to into the registration  form 

  4. Click "register" to submit the application  (bottom right corner of registration form)

  5. You will get notice through the email you entered that your application was approved