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Welcome Illinois Device Testing Inspectors 

Below are the resources to help you to successfully test devices in CCRA's system, which leads to a safer water system overall. The resources include FAQ section, Inspector Controls section, Advantages to using CCRA's System and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inspector Controls

The buttons below allow you to complete the required tasks to be able to submit device tests into CCRA's system.

The old idea of testing devices, sending multiple copies of device form and having a filing system in the office for device test forms are a thing of the past. CCRA's system is 100% online and has been designed to have the device test uploaded at the time of the test being completed on a smartphone or tablet.

What Advantages does Using CCRA's Plumbing Contractor Portal Have?

  • Device test submission is 100% online no more storing of paper device test forms or having to send the different copies to the different regulatory agencies

  • System keeps record of all device tests you entered into the system forever

  • Ability to search your device tests by serial number, address, customer name and more

  • Designed to be completely paperless with all results inputed through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones

  • Free marketing for you and your testing company, once approved plumbing contractor companies are added to the "Find an Inspector" page 

  • More work because only devices that are pass are allowed to be submitted into the system meaning that the devices that failed get repaired generating more work

Current Illinois Communities Implementing CCRA's Software

  1. Crest Hill 

  2. Lockport 

  3. Lake County Public Works

  4. Macomb

What are the Steps to Register with CCRA Professional Services?

  1. Complete required registration form 

  2. Ensure information on registration form is accurate 

  3. Upload Copy of proof of calibration of your test equipment to into the registration  form 

  4. Click "register" to submit the application  (bottom right corner of registration form)

  5. You will get notice through the email you entered that your application was approved

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