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Commercial Water Users FAQ

Water Survey FAQ


Q:        I think I already completed my commercial water survey is there a way I can check?

A:        Go to, click take your survey, select your municipally, click the drop down menu and select commercial, then enter your water account number, if you have completed your survey a message will appear saying “Your Survey is Complete”.


Q:        Is it required that I complete the commercial water survey about my property?

A:        Yes, it is required by law that you complete the commercial water survey about your property.

Q:        What is the purpose of completing the commerical water survey about my property?

A:        The purpose of completing your commercial water survey is to located any types of dangerous connections that could cause a cross contamination incident if there was a backflow incident in your municipality.

Q:        I have entered in my water account number but it will not accept my number how to I proceed

A:        Ensure that you are entering the number in correctly, also make there are no “Ghost Spaces” these are spaces that you cannot see before or after your water account number.

Q:        Who can complete the commercial water survey for my property?

A:        Someone with in-depth knowledge of the property such as  maintenance personnel, but it depends on the size of the property if it is a large chemical plant a certified inspector should complete the commercial water survey.

Q:        How long does the commercial water survey take?

A:        Depends on the size of the property.

Q:        What types of questions are on the commercial water survey?

A:        In-depth questions about your water system on the property.

Q:        Do you need mechanical knowledge to complete the commercial water survey?

A:        Yes, the questions that are asked are very in-depth and can be complicated for a person of general knowledge.

Q:        After I complete my commercial water survey is there any sort of follow up action required?

A:        Yes, every commercial property requires the commercial water survey to be completed and a walk through be completed at the time of the commercial water survey or after the commercial water survey is completed.


Q:        Who can do the walk through?

A:        A Cross Connection Control Inspector is the only person that can complete the walk through.


Valve Testing FAQ


Q:        What types of valves must be tested?

A:        Any valves that are testable.


Q:        How often must my valve be tested?

A:        They are required to be tested yearly per the manufacturer's recommendation.


Q:        Why must my testable valve be tested yearly?

A:        Testable valves have springs and seals built into them which can lose tension and break down over time causing the valve to not operate properly in a backflow event.



Q:        What does testing the valve do?

A:        When a valve is tested, it shows that it is in sound working order and will perform how it was designed if there was a backflow event.


Q:        Who can test valves?

A:        Only certified personnel can test backflow valves.


Q:        I have been using a testing inspector for years can I still use him?

A:        If he is signed up with CCRA Professional Services which costs nothing to sign up they can test valves in our system.


Q:        How do I locate a certified person to test my valve?

A:        Go to click on find an inspector tab, then call around to get a price you think is a good price.

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