General FAQ

What is a Cross Connection?

A cross connection is any connection between a non-potable water source (non drinking water) and a potable water source (drinking water).

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the reversal of water flow in a water system.

Device Testing FAQ

Is it requried to test my device annually?

Yes according to the manufacturer it is requried to test the device annual

What types of devices must be tested?

Any devices that are testable.

What if I choose not to use my lawn irrigation system this year?

If you choose not to use your lawn irrigation system you must inform CCRA Professional Services. By Email at or by phone.

When is it required to have my device tested for my lawn irrigation system?

It is required to have your device tested at the time of install or in the spring when it is reinstalled before normal use.

What is testing frequency of testable backflow devices?

The required testing frequency is annual per the manufacturers recommendation.

Why must my device be tested?

Testable devices have springs and seals built into them which can lose tension and breakdown over time causing the deive to not function properly during a backflow event.

What does testing a device show?

Testing a device shows that during a backflow event the device would function properly protecting the water system.

Who can test my device/s?

Only certain licensed testers can test devices, they also must be regestered with CCRA Professional Services. To view a list of verified tester click here.