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Welcome Michigan Commercial Water Customers

This page serves as an information page to help address any confusions and answer any questions that you may have. The concept of cross connection control is complex and can be confusing, but is not only required by law but helps to keep your drinking water safe. On this page you will find the Frequently Asked Questions, Certifed Device Tester list and other resources to help you better understand what exactly cross connection control is. 

Locating a Plumbing Contractor

Only plumbing contractors that have been registered with CCRA are able to submit device tests into CCRA's system. Plumbing contractors are required to be ASSE 5110 certified to test devices in the state of Michigan. If you don't see your plumbing contractor on the list they can registered with CCRA at no cost to be able to submit devices into communities utilizing CCRA's system. But they need to meet the state/local requirements and have their testing equipment calibrated annually. Also it is recommended that you call three contractor to get competitive pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Site Inspection?

If you are notified that a site inspection is required, an inspector with the proper credentials will walkthrough your property inspecting the different connections that exist. They will take note of any type of backflow prevention devices on site along with any connections that are not to the state and local municipal code. The inspector will complete the site inspection online and upload the results. Based on the uploaded results any corrections that are required will be addressed.  

Why are Site Inspections Required? 

Site inspections are required by local municipal code and state law, they are one of the very important aspects that limit the risk of cross connections from happening. As companies grow and different companies move to different locations the use of the water can become different. One year there is a computer repair shop with no risks of cross connections, the next year the same property has a metal plating company located at the property which without the property cross connection protection is a huge risk.

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