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Inspector FAQ

Q:           How do I sign up with CCRA Professional Services?

A:           Go to, click Inspector info, click register, lastly fill in all the required information.


Q:           Is there a cost to sign up as an inspector?

A:           There is no cost to sign up as an inspector.


Q:           How do I enter a test?

A:           Login through the municipality through which you are submitting the valve test, then click “Add Valve Test Results”, then locate the Test ID Number (TIN) for the valve then fill out the test form and submit the test form.


Q:           Where do locate the Test ID Number (TIN) for the valve?

A:           It will be on the valve test letter that the water customer receives if for some reason, they lost the letter you can look up the Test ID Number (TIN) based on street address.


Q:           What if the Test ID Number (TIN) Can’t be found?

A:           If you cannot locate the TIN for a valve location you can email services@ccra4safewater with the information on the missing TIN.



Q:           Is there any fee for submitting of valve tests?

A:           There are fees per test submittal the list of the cost of the fees are below, this fee should not be put on the valve customer the way our system works it saves you the testing inspector time.

Plano IL, Crest Hill IL, Lockport IL, Macomb IL,   -  $15.00

Lake County Public Works    -  $12.95

Mead & Hunt Michigan  - $9.95


Q:           Are there paper tests accepted in the system?

A:           No there are no paper tests accepted, no tests should be sent to the municipally, all tests should be put in online in CCRA’s system.


Q:           Can I test valves in municipalities that run CCRA’s Program if I’m not signed up with CCRA Professional Services?

A:           No only testing inspectors registered with CCRA are permitted to test valves in the municipality’s that operate CCRA’s Program.

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