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A Letter from IEPA to CCRA Professional Services: 
W. David McMillan, P.G. 
Manager, Division of Public Water Supplies 
Bureau of Water 

Mr. Mach: 
The State of Illinois has a new procurement law (Public Act 96-795) that precludes my communication with you regarding the marketing or hiring of your firm relative to Illinois' Cross-Connection Control Program (CCCP). However, for your information, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all community water systems in the state to have a CCCP. 

I have included a couple of documents you may find useful. "DaveSummary.doc" is a summary document regarding Illinois EPA regulations pertaining to this matter. 
Should you need additional regulatory information beyond the summary I provided, the following web sites may be helpful: The Environmental Protection Act 

The second document, also on the web, contains information regarding Illinois EPA's expectations regarding viable program implementation by community water supplies. The bottom line is that all community water systems must have a program that includes an ordinance or water service agreement that protects their system from potential backflow of contaminants into the their distribution system. They must have an ongoing process to survey the service connections on their distribution system

Further, they must identify at risk connections and mitigate these recognized risks via requiring installation of an appropriate device, removal of the risk activity or disconnection of the service in question. 
Devices must then be inspected and documented annually by a plumber/Cross-Connection Control Device Inspector. 

The water system is then expected to maintain a record keeping system that is perpetually updated relative to these devices

For additional background, the cross connection control program in Illinois is implemented/coordinated by the Illinois EPA, the Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Environmental Resources Training Center (ERTC). 
The Illinois EPA (pursuant to 35 Ill. Adm. Code Section 607.104 and 653.801, 653.802 and 653.803) requires that all community water supplies have a cross-connection control program. 
For the most part, the Illinois DPH deals with the plumbing aspects of the Cross-connection Control Program. Under 77 Ill. Adm. Code 890, backflow prevention devices are regulated. Under 225 ILCS 320, Illinois Plumbing License Law is detailed. 
Under these regulations, certain types of activities require installation of certain types of devices by properly credentialed plumbers. In association with regulations administered by Illinois EPA, licensed plumber must be trained by the ERTC to become cross-connection control device inspectors. These are the individuals that will need to assess the backflow preventers installed at appropriate service connections in the distribution system of the water system. 

W. David McMillan, P.G.
Phone Number: 217-782-1020 
Fax Number: 217-782-0075
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