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Why Settle for Online and In-House Software Programs

That Only Do Half of the Work!

CCRA Has the New Technology and has been Supplying Their Customers with a Complete Cross Connection Control Longer then any other On-line Provider in Today's Market

it is 

The Only Real-time Program in the Industry


No Waiting Time for Information to be Processed

as it

Reduces Your Departments Budget


Water Customers Costs


Huge Saving on Manpower Hours

while it

Increases Your Departments Effectiveness

Automatically Reviews all Submitted Device Results


Will Not Accept Failed Test Reports


Notifies Tester in Nanoseconds if Device Failed


Device are Repaired Immediate


No Delays on Repairing Failed Devices


Chasing Down Water Customers


 Higher Water Customers Compliance Rates

allows you to

Survey all your Water Connections and Finds those Missing Devices

 Continue Reading if your Not Convinced 

These are the ABC's that make CCRA the most comprehensive, affordable and effective Cross Connection Control Program that Water Providers can depend on!

       A.  Easy to understand and descriptive pictures make our online              water consumer surveying the best on the market. A multi staged        question process increases critical data retrieval for effective STEM Processing.  Producing better results, all in nano-seconds.   

  • User friendly customer surveying, complete  with pictures that helps with completion, survey accuracy, and higher compliance returns.

  • CCRA’s informative website to help water customers with Cross Connection Control understanding, accessing surveying and locating approved  inspectors/technicians. Improving consumer competitive pricing capabilities when finding Testing Inspectors/Technicians.

  • Easy processing when a missing device is located it takes two clicks to automatically put it on the device list which starts the tracking process of this new found device for compliance and reliability.

  • Allows easy response of  when addressing the different risks that are located when surveying of each of your water customer’s. Automatically prepares the notification letter for correction.

B.  Real time Administrative data returns of processed and usable information. User friendly processing to identify potential risks for immediate response on potential high risk connections. Prints response notification letter with touch of a button. Tracks all notifications for easy follow up and elimination cross connections.

  • Tags all risk factors from severe to moderate risk for immediate identification and follow up of correction.

  • Easier tracking and eradication of located high risk connections that pose the highest potential threat. Allows water manager to focus only on water connections that need devices or changes that will protect the water system.

  • Allows manager(s) easy access to time dated activities and tracking notifications. All with easily retrieval that allow consistent contact with the water customer’s improvement of water grid infrastructure.

  • Smart technology develops consistency, eliminates human error and long delay times waiting for information processing, Nanosecond information retrieval for immediate responses and results. Saves on departmental manpower with no supervisory/technician time needed.

  • An easy user friendly computer screen ready for the supervisors and technicians to view and navigate information is needed. Allows unlimited approved users at one time.  Designed with automatic shutdown capabilities if not in use for data security, valve and device tracking capabilities

  • All this information is displayed on the administrator page and is user friendly.

    C.  Easy user friendly navigation to all device testing reports and requirements. Guarantees inspector qualifications. Improves water costumers costs and compliance. It has available an approved inspectors list, complete with consumer instructions, located on the website home page.   No more delays and failed test reports to deal with. Complete administrator control, all with the touch of a couple buttons.

  • SMART technology makes sure that all test reports are complete and meet the manufacturer’s recommendation of approval.

  • STEM technology only allows the tests that meets the state and manufactures requirements to be accepted and stored into the administrator database NO FAILED TESTS to deal with.

  • The repair reports on failed devices are reported to the municipalities required service log located on approved test reports. Every devices service report is accumulated that can be easily reviewed when needed.

  • Easy manageability of yearly removal of annual test compliance for water customers that want to eliminate services that require year test report, due to non-use of water connection branch (most common case, lawn irrigation system). They are not removed, but put on an accessible dormant valve list and water customer must reapply every year for this yearly stay or remove connection and meet the administration’s removal requirements.

  • No conflict of interests with CCRA, we are not associated with any device testing/repairing agencies or any device test/repairs are completed by our company.  We do not regulate our own device tests/repairs. 

  • Your data is secured and not used or given out for additional revenue opportunities.

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