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Water Survey FAQ


Q:           I think I already completed my water survey. Is there a way I can check?

A:           Go to, click on take your survey, select your municipally, and enter your water account number. If you have completed your survey a message will appear saying “Your Survey is Complete”.


Q:           Is it required that I complete the water survey about my property?

A:           Yes, it is required by law that you complete the water survey about your property.


Q:           What is the purpose of completing the water survey about my property?

A:           The purpose of completing your water survey is to located any types of dangerous connections that could cause a cross contamination incident if there was a backflow incident in your municipality.


Q:           I have entered in my water account number but it will not accept my number. How to I proceed?

A:           Ensure that you are entering the number in correctly, also make sure there are no “Ghost Spaces” these are spaces that you cannot see before or after your water account number.


Q:           Who can complete the water survey for my property?

A:           Anyone with in depth knowledge of the property or someone that can walk around the property to answer the questions from the water survey.


Q:           How long does the water survey take?

A:           3-5 minutes for the average homeowner.


Q:           What types of questions are on the water survey?

A:           General questions about your water system on the property.


Q:           Do you need mechanical knowledge to complete the water survey?

A:           No, the average homeowner can complete the survey. There are pictures  on certain questions to help make the survey easier to complete and less confusing.

Q:           I do not have computer access how do I complete my survey?

A:           There are paper water surveys available at your municipalities water building.


Valve Testing  FAQ


Q:           What types of valves must be tested?

A:           Any valves that are testable.

Q:           What if I choose not to use my lawn irrigation system this year?

A:           If you choose not to use your lawn irrigation system you must inform CCRA Professional Services.

Q:           When is it required to have my RPZ tested for my lawn irrigation system.

A:           It is required to have your RPZ tested before you turn on the system for the year.


Q:           How often must my valve be tested?

A:           They are required to be tested yearly per the manufacturer's recommendation.


Q:           Why must my testable valve be tested yearly?

A:           Testable valves have springs and seals built into them which can lose tension and break down over time causing the valve to not operate properly in a backflow event.


Q:           What does testing the valve do?

A:           When a valve is tested, it shows that it is in sound working order and will perform how it was designed if there was a backflow event.


Q:           Who can test valves?

A:           Only certified inspectors can test backflow valves. To find a certified inspectors in your community click here. 


Q:           I have been using a testing inspector for years can I still use him?

A:           As long as he is registered with CCRA Professional Services, which costs nothing, they can test valves in our system.


Q:           How do I locate a certified inspector to test my valve?

A:           Go to click on find an inspector tab. There may be more then one inspector in your community so you may want to call around to get a price that you are comfortable with.

Residential Users FAQ
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