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 SMART Technology empowers your Water Department with the tools needed to effectively manage your survey data.

Once a water customer has entered their survey data on the web site this data is immediately saved in each water providers database, where it is safe and secure.

The saved data is then the processed by our custom software application.

This real time processing looks for discrepancies and anomalies, using a comprehensive list of criteria based on the requirements of your state law(s).

Any discrepancies in the survey results are immediately flagged by the software. Using the municipalities’ portal, the water department representative can login and see the results for further action/follow-up with the water customer if needed.

From this portal  the water department representative can print all notification letters that are needed to rectify the potential threat(s) and track its modification.

The water department representative can also login into the reporting system and view the current status/metrics of the cities program in this same real-time format.

Using SMART technology surveying metrics the water department representative can see:


How many surveys were sent out;

How many surveys have been completed 

online or with paper;

What percentage of compliance does this 


What percentage of water customers had

 discrepancy in their survey results;

Which customers had a discrepancy;

Have those customers had a follow-

up notification/call/meeting/inspection.


All of these reports, and more, are available to the water department representative 24x7x365.  No more looking through a filing cabinet, waiting for an employee or outsourcing company to respond, and no more spending countless hours reviewing each report, one by one.

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