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Water Customer Receives Survey Notification 

Water Customer Completes Survey

CCRA Survey 

Analysis Technology 

Water Provider Corrective Action and Follow-Up

CCRA Program Sorts Based on Degree of Risk

Water customer receives letter approved and customized by the water authority to complete their water survey. They use the same water customer number provided by the water provider.

Water customer enters their water customer number to complete their water survey. The survey is one question at a time with pictures to help the water customer understand what the question is asking. 

CCRA survey analysis technology automatically analyzes survey question response answers and assigns a risk factor to the survey in nanoseconds. 

CCRA's Program sorts surveys based on risk factor and displays the highest risk surveys on first and in an easy format for corrective action and follow-up

CCRA's Program generates remediation ready to be printed and mailed out to correct threats to your water customers and water system.

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