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 Valve Tracking Solution

CCRA has the answer, developing and changing the methodology to the twenty first century with a STEM/SMART technology Cross Connection Control Program. CCRA SMART technology and methodology takes a different approach. CCRA SMART Technology does not accept failed test reports from unqualified technicians. We require that these qualified inspectors repair failed devices before entering test results and maintain the log to meet the requirements before filing the required certified report. CCRA SMART methodology eliminates human error and longtime delays. 

Your compliancy runs higher which increases the efficiency of your program while reducing your man hours. With the use of CCRA’s SMART/STEM technology, your water users are actually having the inspections performed, repaired and meeting compliancy without delay.  Which is the only program to fully meet the rigorous requirements of your state. Which reduces your exposure to potential liability and has the capabilities to empower your water department. With software tools to completely cover everything from educating your consumers to making sure the updating improvements are taking place on your infrastructure water grid.

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