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Valve and Device Tracking Capabilities


  1. Easy navigation to all valve testing reports, inspector qualifications and water customer compliancy, all with the touch of a button.

  2. All this information is displayed on administrator page in an easy read percentages and navigation links.

  3. The SMART technology makes sure that all test reports are complete and meet the manufacturer’s recommendation of approval.

  4. The STEM technology only allows the tests that meets the state and manufactures requirements to be accepted and stored into the administrator database NO FAILED TESTS to deal with.

  5. Only approved inspectors can enter results that meet your state requirements. The repair reports on failed valves are reported to the municipalities required service log located on approved test reports. Every devices service report is accumulated that can be easily reviewed when needed.

  6. Easy yearly removal of annual test compliance for water customers that want to eliminate services that require year test report, due to non-use of water connection branch (most common case, lawn irrigation system).

  7. They are not removed, but put on an accessible dormant valve list and water customer must reapply every year for this yearly stay or remove connection and meet the administration’s removal requirements.

  8. Website has complete list of local Inspectors available to your water customers that allows competitive pricing and a better valve testing cost environment for water customers.

  9. Aggressive time dated tracking capabilities that allows higher compliancy and a safer community potable water environment.

  10. No conflict of interests with CCRA, we are not associated with any valve testing agency or any valve test by our company. Our customer data is secured and not used or given out for additional revenue opportunities and we do not regulate our own valve tests.

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