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 Cross Connection Control


Backflow Management Programs

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 CCRA Will  Help You Provide Safe Drinking Water for Your Community?

This website provides your community an understanding of the rigorous demands  needed for effective Backflow Management and Cross Connection Control Plan to protect your drinking water.

On this website you will find FAQ information to help you, the water custodians, water customers and device testing inspectors, to understand the requirements of having an effective Cross Connection Control/Backflow Management Plan to protect your community.

About Us

CCRA Professional Services has been protecting water users for years and has the only real-time 100% online program. Empowers your water department  to have immediate access to all of the required  critical information.  That helps the water custodian meet the mandatory requirements of your state and the current information available without evolving a third party.


CCRA programs are turnkey cost-effective, usually with no departmental cost to start up and operate. Our programs are user friendly and labor efficient. Our programs do all of the processing to prevent  human error, reducing  the amount of time to survey, and we handle all device test results. Provides the tools needed to manage, find, monitor, and track the elimination of potential cross-contamination connections of the drinking water in your community.

About Us
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