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Why is Surveying of Properties an Illinois EPA Requirement and Should be Done 


Your water grid is constantly evolving and changing based on many factors such as city growth, community development and changing of water usage at different properties. As your water grid evolves cross connections that did not exist before are created. 

Using CCRA's Survey Technology surveying water customers no longer requires large amounts of staff and money. CCRA's custom survey program is able to survey as few water customers or any many water customers as wanted. 

What Does CCRA's Survey Technology Provide?

  1. 100% error free results

  2. Computer algorithm analyzes survey results and assigns risk to completed surveys 

  3. Sorts surveys completed based on risk 

  4. Sorts properties that contain a cross connection and are out of compliance for follow up and corrective action

  5. Zero human interaction until follow-up  

How Does a Water Customer Complete Their Survey?

  1. Water customer searches for their address

  2. Water customer enters their water account number to verify their account

  3. They complete the one at a time questions some with pictures to help them understand what is exactly being asked

  4. Once they answer all of the questions they select submit, system then analyzes survey results and assigns a risk factor 

How Complex and Successful is the Survey?

  1. 7-12 questions based on what is located at the property

  2. Under 5 mins for survey completion

  3. Survey is implemented  and completed in over 10,000 water connections per year

WUI Surveying

A study completed by the University of Southern California Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research found that 9.6% of homes had a health hazard cross connection. What does this mean? It means that 1 in 10 homes have a cross connection that can threaten the water system. But our survey program has averaged closer to 30% of properties surveyed that had some type of cross connection that can threaten the water system.

Missing backflow prevention devices, missing vacuum breakers or devices not being tested.

Of the surveys completed, our program finds 30% of properties have some sort of back-flow anomaly risk as stated above.

 Averaging 2% of valves located that have either not been tested or are missing from the device list.


These are Average Results 

that CCRA's Survey 

Technology has Achieved 

Results Don't Lie 

CCRA Survey Results 

How Does Your Current Survey Program Compare?

It's More Then Just a Requirement! 

Device Tracking and Testing 

Device Tracking and Testing

100% Online Device Testing

All device tests are tracked by CCRA and all device test notifications are mailed out by CCRA. No more dealing with spread sheets or time crunches. Results are submitted online by qualified inspectors, with the required qualified equipment reducing liability to water custodians thus creating a safer water system for your water customers.

Advantages at a Glance 

  1. 100% error free results​

  2. No more reviewing of device test forms or looking at device tests

  3. No more paper device test forms

  4. Zero time delays, which reduces liability and exposure from untested devices

  5. Only certified inspectors are able to submit device tests

  6. Tracks inspectors and submission of device tests, all by CCRA

  7. Ability to search for device tests based on serial number, address, account name and more

100% Online Device Tracking

Tracking of devices can be a headache and very inefficient and ineffective. With CCRA's device tracking program, tracking of your devices becomes effortless and a breeze. 

Advantages at a Glance 

  1. Program generates device testing due letters automatically with all the required information to be ready to mail out by CCRA (up to two notices)

  2. When devices pass their required testing date program adds device to non compliance list for follow up and corrective action by the water custodian 

  3. No more looking at different device tracking sheets (excel, microsoft word) or low grade tracking software to ensure your devices are being tracked and tested

How Does Your Current Device Tracking and Testing Program Compare?

  1. 100% error free results​

  2. Program sorts site inspections based on pass or fail  

  3. Hassle free allows resources to be focused on the properties that are a threat to the water system

  4. No more paper site inspection forms

  5. Zero time delays which reduces liability and exposure to cross connection risks

  6. Only certified inspectors are able to submit site inspections

  7. Tracks inspectors and submission of site inspections 

How Does Your Current Site Inspection Program Compare?

Advantages at a Glance 

Site inspection form is completed online and automatically analyzed by CCRA's program and sorted based on pass or fail rating for follow-up by water custodian. Allows inspector to complete the site inspection on site with a modern phone or tablet for automatic uploading of site inspection results. 

100% Online Site Inspection Completion 

Real Time Site Inspections

Site Inspections
EPA Report Generation

 Water Supply Cross Connection Report

Create the required Annual Water Supply Cross Connection Report with zero effort. CCRA's program automatically pulls the required data from the system for the generation of the required report.

Advantages at a Glance 

  1. 100% error free reports

  2. Ability to see the status of all program metrics with a click of a button

  3. Takes seconds to create report 

Are You Able To Look at All of Your Program Metrics With a Click of a Button?

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