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 CCRA went to work on these challenges with a desire to change the industry of outsourcing and producing a program with modern day technology.  The only possible answer was the newest technology available! 

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics


Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology

Our STEM/SMART Technology is  built into our survey program allowing  communities to have this critical data processed, then flags the risk for the immediate follow up process that aids you in eliminating the potential  threat. The SMART technology ensures that all test reports are complete and meet the manufacturer's recommendation of approval. Only approved inspectors can enter results that meet your state's requirements. The STEM/SMART Technology develops consistency and eliminates human error and long delay times waiting for processing. Your program could have Real Time  processed information available immediately, in nanoseconds! Then this information is delivered to a user friendly computer screen ready for the technician to process with the touch of a button to track the eradication of the potential cross connections or the follow up of un-tested valves or missing valves. 


Many of the programs that are offered are nothing more than organizational programs that rely on human interaction to decipher through information to determine what actions are to be taken. 


CCRA's programs are actual data processing programs that review documents and analyze the information, producing usable data in nanoseconds, 24 hours, 7 days week, 365 days a year


Are you sure your data is protected and is the ethics of the outsourcing company you're using are in alignment with your communities best interest?

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