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"Why survey?"

If your not actively going to track the changes to the water system needed to make your community safer.


CCRA has designed a survey program unlike any other program that is available, our STEM/SMART program gathers all information, and produces data without any effort or resources from the municipality’s staff. Information is entered and is processed into usable data and a risk rating of every survey entered. This process can be used to reduce the major risks to your water supply, this is accomplished in Nanoseconds. The information will be at the fingertips in a user friendly format of the water departments to continue its real-time processing. The SMART technology allows you to print out the corrections need in a letter format for mailing and tracking the repairs to reduce the risk of the cross connection. Everything is time dated for tracking and follow up. This is the reason we survey these connections to repair the potential treats that will protect its community's safe reliable potable water.

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